Dream of sailing away into the sunset? Want to become a confident sailor? We offer a variety of classes and resources that will enable you to achieve your sailing goals. From introductory sailing lessons to advanced and custom racing clinics, we can help you become the sailor you have always wanted to be!

Our classes are 2 hours long and we keep our classes small, typical 3 people or less. This ensures that all students have an opportunity to pull lines, trim sails and pilot the boat. Customized one-on-one classes are also available.  There are many resources online here are some resources to get you started today.

We have 4 levels of lessons from beginner to mastery; and it typically takes 6-10 lessons to reach a mastery level and the ability to sail our boats on your own. Which lesson level is right for you? If it is your first time sailing with us, please book a level 1 lesson so we can assess your skills. As you progress, your captain(s) will let you know when you’re ready to move up.

Scheduled times:

  • 9:00 am & 11:30am
  • Custom times are available upon request


  • $155/person for a single lesson
  • $850/person for 6-lesson pass
  • $1250/person for a 10-lesson pass

If you reach our mastery level and still have punches left on your pass, no worries! You can use your remaining punches to take the boat out on your own or with friends!!