Learn to Sail Series (Basic Boat Handling)

Our basic boat handling course provides you with the fundamental skills necessary to properly navigate a sailboat: basic seamanship, rules of the road, raising sails, docking, sail trims and steering. This course is set-up to take you from a novice to a confident sailor, over the course of the Series.

You will have 6 lessons of 2 hours each with a USCG certified captain who has years of sailing experience.   These lessons are designed to help you gain the confidence and skills to skipper a vessel yourself.  At the end of the series we will give you an evaluation and if you pass you can join our Sailing Club, and take the boat out on your own.

Skills learned:

  • Safety on a boat
  • Understand & finding the wind
  • How to use the wind to move the boat
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Stopping & getting out of “irons”
  • Tacking & Gybing
  • COB maneuvers
  • Rules of the waterways
  • and more…

Lessons will typically be set up every week at the same time for 6 consecutive weeks.  If you need to make an exception let us know and we will work with you.


Custom dates & times available


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