Learn to Sail Series/Basic Boat Handling

Over our two courses, we’ll provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to properly navigate a sailboat: basic seamanship, rules of the road, raising sails, docking, sail trims and steering. This course is set-up to take you from a novice to a confident sailor.

The Learn to Sail Series should be taken first and will start building skills to competently understand and crew a boat.

The Basic Boat Handling Series builds on what you’ve learned and gives you the confidence and knowledge to skipper a boat and to manage crew and safety on board.

All of our lessons consist of 2 hours of on-the-water learning and are taught by USCG certified captains with years of sailing experience. Lessons are organized to continually introduce you to new skills and build on what you’ve previously learned.

Most students require 6-10 lessons to get to a competency level on the boat. If your captain thinks you’re ready before your credits are completed, the remaining credits can be used for focused lessons where you want more practice, or to take the boat out on your own.

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Skills learned:

  • Safety on a boat
  • Understand & finding the wind
  • How to use the wind to move the boat
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Stopping & getting out of “irons”
  • Tacking & Gybing
  • COB maneuvers
  • Rules of the waterways
  • and more…


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