Duck Dodge – Watch or Join the Race!

Sailboat racing with a TWIST!

Duck Dodge is a Tuesday night sailboat race on Lake Union that starts mid-May and runs every week throughout the summer, until early September. Typically there are anywhere from 30 to 100+ boats on the lake racing each other. The twist is most of them are wearing costumes. Check out the themes for this year.

Duck Dock has several starts (heats) with the first starting at 7 pm, and additional heats starting on the 5 min mark.  The race usually starts in the middle of the lake with a “Start Line” that runs between the committee boat (the boat running the race anchored in the middle) and a buoy.  This is the start line and the race then does a counterclockwise circle around the late heading into the wind for the first leg.  The Start Line is also the Finish Line.  So really watching a sailboat race is watching a bunch of boat sail in a giant circle for several hours, but it is also so much more!

Join the action

Want to learn how to race and get into the action?  Join us aboard one of our 20ft boats to experience the thrill of sailboat racing first hand.  You will have a licensed captain as your guide and you will be racing the boat, trimming the sails, experiencing the thrill of racing on our performance boats.  No experience necessary, larger groups  welcomed and may split over multiple boats. Costumes encouraged but not required.

$95/ person

Ways to watch

From a boat:

From Shore:

Not ready to jump into Duck Dodge?  Check out our Intro to Racing on Sundays with only a couple boats.

Looking for something lower key but still want to watch the race from the water? Contact us for a custom charter, pricing can be as low as $35 per person.

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