Date Night Adventures

Imagine a night of fine food and sailing in the heart of Seattle. There are so many fantastic local eateries located near the water and it is a quick hop to joining the boat.  We have several options for you to find the perfect night for you!

Dine at one of the restaurants near the lake or bring food to the boat.  After you’ve dined, Join us at our dock and our crew will show you a wonderful night on the water. You can relax and enjoy the calm of being on the water or step up and learn more about the area and how to work these boats. There are many sights to behold around Lake Union, including Gasworks Park, the floating home community – yes even the “Sleepless in Seattle” house!

Depending upon the time, you might be able to catch one of Seattle’s beautiful sunsets, or the city’s beautiful nocturnal landscapes as the boat glides through the water. If it’s a chilly evening, you can relax under a warm blanket and enjoy the scenery.

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Be Active or Relax!!

You can sit back and enjoy riding on the wind or be active and learn a bit about sailing.  A great mix for a unforgettable date.  This is a 1.5 hour adventure on our 20ft Sailboat ‘Fraid Knot.  Bring your own light snacks and drinks for this engaging night on water.

$245 total

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Sail a Part of History

Interested in what sailing was like a century ago?  We can show you!  Step aboard Lavengro, a piece of working history for a 3 hour sail around Lake Union and Lake Washington.  This 60ft sailboat was built in 1926 and is still sailing.  It is truly taking a step back in history. You can join a social sail with others or you can book the whole boat for a private evening.  Perfect for engagements and weddings.

$95/ person

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Oysters & Sailing!

Do you like oysters and sailboats?  We have partnered with Taylor shellfish to provide a unique experience on Lake Union.  Enjoy 1.5 hour on the water and includes a wonderful sampling of oysters and small bites. This is a limited offering so check it and and reserve your spot. Limited dates in the summer.

$120/ person

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