A Family Adventure

6 Dec 2012 – 4:00 pm
wind: S 4+ knots
Weather:46 degrees, Clear with some cloud cover

A great time on the water, and a fantastic group. We even got some cute pictures of the youngest sailor in a santa hat.

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Never a Bad Night

04 Dec 2012 – 6:00 pm
Wind: S 5 knots, gusting up to 25 knots
Weather: 45 degrees, scattered showers

With strong wind gusts and short periods of heavy rain, this friendly couple braved the elements to celebrate his birthday. After getting outfitted with rain jackets, warm blankets and mugs of hot tea, we had a nice night with the dark lake all to ourselves, gliding up and down while enjoying the lights.

Cozy Cruising

02 Dec 2012 – 3:30 pm
Wind: S 15-20 knots
Weather: 48 degrees, windy with scattered showers

We met a great couple at Terry Petus Park for a blustery date night, but after suiting them up in our spare gear we had a great sail! We sailed around the lake while they cuddled on the bow, and towards the end of the charter we raised the main to pick up more speed. We reached maximum hull speed and finished with a great upwind run while they took turns driving. With the strong winds, docking proved to be more exciting than usual and I tapped the dock for the first time in a long time.
photo photo photo photo

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Family Fun

02 Dec 2012 – 6:00 pm
Wind: S 15-20 knots
Weather: 45 degrees, windy with scattered showers

We got to take a whole family, including a babe in arms, out for a special holiday lights tour tonight. It was raining when they arrived, we welcomed them aboard, and they all piled into the cabin to get comfortable. As they settled in, I departed the dock and set sails. After enjoying dinner and a few adult beverages they slowly emerged and were amazed by the peace and beauty of sailing at night. We had a great time sailing around the lake and taking in the sights! Toward the end of the charter several guests tried their hand at driving and were surprised and excited by how responsive the boat is and how much fun it is to drive.
photo photo

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A lovely night for a light show

24 Nov 2012 – 5:00 pm
Wind: N 3-5 knots
Weather: 46 degrees, Mostly clear skies with occasional misting.

It was a wonderful night on the water, and there were several other boats out for us to share it with. A few of the floating homes have already put up Christmas lights, which added a festive touch.
IMG_6392 IMG_6514 IMG_6521

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A Family Adventure

18 Nov 2012 – 2:00 pm
wind: SSE 3-5 knots
Weather:51 degrees, Mostly Cloudy misting rain.

We love having kids on the boat! And today was a great day for it. We sailed around Lake Union, saw a seaplane take off and land, played with the buoys (reached out and touched a couple), and the kids even steered a little. But no adventure is complete without a little excitement…about halfway though the sail, the youngest child almost swallowed his candy whole. This caused quite a scene, but we were able to quickly resolve the situation. During this frenzy, we heard a splash…oh no! Neptune claims another victim…their small digital camera went for a swim, or a sink, more appropriately. Now there is another electronic device at the bottom of the lake. Despite all the excitement and the loss of a camera, this family had a great time, and are anxious to come back and do it again. Although, we all hope to have a little less excitement next time!

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Winter Lessons

14 Nov 2012 – 2:30 pm
wind: NE 2-4 knots
Weather:53 degrees, Sunny w/ 50% cloud cover

Today we gave a more advanced lesson. We always welcome all levels, but it is such a treat to work with those who have some basic knowledge and experience. This lesson was with a wonder lady who has been racing sailboats, but had not had many chances to skipper (drive a sailboat). We ran through the basics and then started to really work the boat. Soon, she was single-handing the boat, and getting good speed even in light winds. It is the first of hopefully many lessons; she is a great sailor and I would love to help her advance to the next level!

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Sunny Lesson

14 Nov 2012 – 12:00 pm
wind: NE 2-3 knots
Weather:52 degrees, Sunny with some could cover.

What a wonderful day for a sail and a great first lesson! Sara did wonderfully and we are looking forward to a lot more fun on the water. Although the winds were light, we were able to sail the boat around the buoys several times. We also practiced line handling. Thanks for coming out, Sara!

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A Beautiful Night

11 Nov 2012 – 6:30 pm
wind: SE 2-4 knots
Weather:45 degrees, Light rain.

Lake Union is always magical at night, although it is a lot more fun when it is windy! The second Date Night this evening was wonderful. While waiting for the couple to finish dinner, I took a couple shots at the dock. I did not get any of the cityscape, but trust me, it was beautiful. We had a great time sailing around the lake with this lovely couple. It is always a joy have wonderful people on the boat!

Rainy Date

11 Nov 2012 – 4:30 pm
wind: E 2-3 knots
Weather:48 degrees, Light rain.

The day started out quite pleasant, with some sunshine and cloud cover, but around 3:00pm, it started to rain. But that didn’t dampen the spirits for this Date Night sail! We picked them up outside of their hotel, the Marriott on Lake Union, then sailed around the lake. We had some extra rain gear on the boat which kept them warm and dry. We where having so much fun, I forgot to take some pictures…oh well, next time!