Crisp and Clear

11 Jan 2013- 6:00 pm
wind: WNW 0-4 knots
Weather:31 degrees, Clear

I love it when clients ask are we going to sail, there doesn’t look like any wind. The water was pretty glassy (ie really light winds) when we started. But after we left the dock and set sails we were able to find some wind. We ended up sailing about 2.5 miles and had a nice little tour of the lake. It was cold, below freezing, and the dock lines where a little stiff, but we had a great evening on the water. We wrapped everyone in blankets, then brought out the heat pads. There were smiles all around, and it was a fantastic night to be on the water.

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Starting the year off right

1 Jan 2013- 2:00 pm
wind: N 4-6 knots
Weather:42 degrees, Clear and Sunny

The first sail in the new year and what a way to start the year off! It was sunny and beautiful. winds were light but we still sailed a lap of the lake, with an average speed of almost 3 knots. It was also great to see there about a half of dozen other sail boats on the lake. This was a wonderful charter, I even gave a little mini lesson and they both took a turn at the helm. To bad the track only recorded the upwind half.

You might ask why there is a picture of a shoe…. we scooped this out of the lake keeping it from becoming part of the trash in the pacific ocean.


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Back to other adventures

Christmas Ships Finale aboard the Mallory Todd

23 Dec 2012 – 8:00 pm
wind: NW 2-6 knots
Weather:45 degrees, Cloudy skies, light off and on.

The perfect what to get in the holiday spirit. We have a wonderful mix of people aboard the Mallory Todd for the Christmas Ships Finale. It is always amazing being on the water at night, and this is an exceptially special evening. The pictures & video’s describe it best.


A Little Wind

22 Dec 2012 – 4:00 pm
Wind: S 10-14 knots, with gust up to 40 knots
Weather: 48 degrees, light cloud cover.

The winds just started to build as we left the dock. It was a wonder sail. I only put up the main sail, then realized it was a little too much wind, and reefed it down. The winds were all over the place, steady at 10-15 then gusting every couple minutes. The couple had a great time, and both of them took their turn at the helm, doing a great job.

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Basic Boat Handling

16 Dec 2012 – 1:00 pm
Wind:  ESE 5-7 knots
Weather: 39 degrees, overcast, light rain.

Great start to a series of lessons. We practiced tacking and gibing, and started learning the different points of sail. It was a fun lesson and they are great at communicating. See photo for the buoys that we circled several times.

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Holiday Lights

16 Dec 2012 – 4:30 p.m.
Wind: S 8-10 knots
Weather:43 degrees, rain

These wonderful souls joined us on a rainy evening and had a fantastic time despite the weather.

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Holiday Lights

13 Dec 2012 – 7:30 pm
wind: S 3-6 knots
Weather:SSE degrees, mostly cloudy

I always love hearing the clients comment on how peaceful and beautiful it is out on the water. This was a great charter, the enjoyed sailing and driving. I am curious how all the pictures turned out. here are some of ours.

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Holiday Lights – Portland Couple

13 Dec 2012 – 5:30 pm
wind: S 4-6 knots
Weather:43 degrees, partly cloudy

It was a wonder sail with a great couple from Portland, Oregon. They are thinking about buying a boat to live on and travel the seas. Sandra was loving it, especially being "in control" and driving. We hope to get you back on the boat soon…and let us know if you have any questions about buying a boat!

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A lovely couple

10 Dec 2012 – 5:15 pm
wind: E 1-9 knots
Weather:46 degrees, Partly cloudy

Another clear evening, winds started really light and then by the end we were really cruising. A prefect day to be on the water with an amazing couple who have been together for over 40 years, 43 if i remember correctly! congrats, we hope to sail again with you two soon.

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There be dragons!

7 Dec 2012 – 5:30 pm
wind: SE 2-8 knots
Weather:45 degrees, clear-ish, 45% cloudy cover .

This was a great family to have on the boat, all of them were very comfortable, and ready for a evening on the water. They even planned to take a holiday photo for greeting cards. I hope it turned out, as good (or better) than the one I took with my camera. The youngest was a real blast, very curious about sailing and what things did. (although at first he wanted to get off the boat). Halfway through the charter we was driving and pulling lines. He even took to drawing a dragon.

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