A Sailing Lesson

1 April 2013- 2:00 pm
Wind: S 4-11 knots
Weather: 50% Cloud

A fun lesson covering a lot of the lake, and a great way start to April.

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A Night to Remember

30 Mar 2013- 7:00 pm
wind: N 8-12 knots
Weather:62 degrees, Clear and Sunny

What a great day to be on the water. A true sign a spring, sunny, warm, and a nice breeze. This lovely couple joined us for a private sunset sail on Solana. They spend the first part of the sail enjoying the views and getting comfortable to the boat. Neither of them had spent much time on a sailboat before. After a little while we put the head-sail up and really started moving around the lake. They both took turns driving and did quite well,especially since it was their first time. After a little time driving, they decided to take a break and what the sunset from the front of the boat.

As they settled in and enjoyed the scenery, the sunset and the city light started to emerge. She had no idea what was about to happen next. After a little time cuddling on the front of the boat, he gets down on one knee and ask her to be his wife. She was amazed, and overjoyed. It took here a moment to find her words again and be able to say yes. It was a truely magical moment, I am honored I could be there to witness this magical moment. Congratulations, to the happy couple! (the mark in the middle of the lake is where he asked the question)

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Spring Time Sail

25 March 2013- 4:30 pm
wind: NNW 5-7 knots
Weather:57 degrees, Clear and Sunny

A great day to be on the water. The winds were great and consistent and we had the lake mostly to ourselves. We were able to sail a lap of the lake in less than an hour. It is wonderful have the Center for wooden boats down at SLU, and Zodiac is currently at the SLU park too. The Clients were wonderful, we sailed by their house on the lake and they all took a change driving and even pulled lines. Too bad the track only recorded the last little bit of our trip.

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Lesson & More

17 Mar 2013- 11:00 pm
wind: S 12-23+ knots
Weather:51 degrees, Sunny blue skies with scattered clouds

A birthday sail with a lesson and relaxing. It was a great day to be out sailing. This couple had a great time and did really well learning to sail. We were out on the water for about 4 hrs. We had a lesson then they had lunch and relaxed while we took in the sights and relaxed. While we sailing around the south end of the lake something on the jib halyard broke and the jib started to fall onto the deck and in the water. I scurried up to the foredeck and wrangled the jib in and secured it. Luckly this was toward the end of the trip and didn't affect the sailing too much. although we did slow down a bit.  See if you can tell who is driving based on the track/ map.

After back at the dock I sent my neighbor up and here is a picture of the broken piece (a new piece is on also pictured for reference).  All and all a great day on the water with great people.  Happy Birthday Scott.
photo photo photo photo

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Family Sail

16 Mar 2013- 2:30 pm
wind: S 15-25 knots
Weather:50 degrees, Sunny with some clouds

A great sail with good friends. They Brought their 9 month old on board. It was a lot of fun. He liked the boat and fell asleep by the end of the sail. (he only had his life jacket off when below decks).

9-mo-life jacket

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A Sunny Spring Sail

8 Mar 2013- 4:30 pm
wind: N 10-15 knots
Weather:52 degrees, Clear and Sunny

It has been amazing weather lately, and we were able to take advantage of it. It is always appreciated when I have clients who want to take advantage of a sunny windy day. We were able to get the boat really going. I think we topped out at 7 knots of boat speed, and were able to make a a great lap of the lake.

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Valentine’s Day Sail

14 Feb 2013- 5:00 pm
wind: N 1-4 knots
Weather:50 degrees, Overcast w/ occasional mist

It was great timing, as I was putting the boat up to the dock the lovely couple was walking down the dock. They stepped aboard and after a short tour of the boat we set out sailing. This winds were really light, we raised the main sail, but mostly silently motored around the lake. It was their first time on a sailboat and we are glad we could show them a our world, and start their evening off right. As they said, “best Valentine’s Day ever and a great view.” .

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A clear celebration

8 Feb 2013- 7:30 pm
wind: ENE 1-4 knots
Weather:46 degrees, Thin cloud cover

I am never sure what to expect for an evening sail in Feb. I am usually prepared for bigger winds and a exciting ride. This evening, didn't have big winds but it was great evening to sail. I picked up the couple after dinner at the Salmon House. The water looked like a mirror, so we motored for at bit and enjoyed the floating homes. Shortly after leaving the dock, I spotted a shimmer of wind. I started raising the sails and by the time it reached us, we were ready, and started sailing. We also talked about some of the sunken ships and history on the lake.

We sailed around the lake, and enjoyed the quiet city night. I am quite honored that I could help this couple, from San Diego, celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary.

January Day Sail

29 Jan 2013- 3:30 pm
wind: N 1-8 knots
Weather:45 degrees, Overcast w/ mist

A nice sail, with two people from North Carolina, who had never been on a sailboat before. The winds started light, and built a to around 8 knots. It was great to get the boat going and heeled over. They both took a turn driving and had a blast. We hope to see them back for an overnight trip in summer.

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Date Night

25 Jan 2013- 7:30 pm
wind: N 0-5 knots
Weather:48 degrees, Clear w/ wisp of clouds

A great evening, it is always welcome when the rain holds off during a charter. It was a clear and crisp evening. We picked this lovely couple up at the dock next to Daniel’s and then enjoyed a nice sail around the lake. the winds were fairly light but we were still able to sail just over 5 miles.

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