A Midday Sailing Lesson for Three

1 June 2013 – 12:00 p.m.
Wind: 1-4 knots
Weather: 65 degrees, Sunny with some clouds

We had a great day on the water this afternoon with this lesson for a group of three. They all did great, even with the light, shifting winds!

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A Sunset Sail

30 May 2013 – 8:15 p.m.
Wind:S 10-15 knots
Weather: 61 degrees, Mostly cloudy

This evening’s sail was a sunset cruise that covered most of Lake Union. We enjoyed some beautiful twilight views of the city – the center of the lake is one the best places in town to see the lights of Seattle!

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A Proposal to Remember

19 May 2013
Wind: N 2.5 knots
Weather: 63 degrees, Sunny with some clouds

After months of planning, the day finally came! The couple walked down the dock, and the gentleman was able to surprise his lady with a date night sailboat ride! This was the first of several surprises through the evening, but not the biggest one. After getting settled in, we set out sailing into nice, light winds and a clear sky. We sailed past Gasworks Park and past the floating homes, and as we turned back to face Gasworks (location marked on below map), the gentleman took to one knee, and asked the Big Question. She said, “YES!” That kicked off the rest of the celebration, and we dropped them off for a dinner at Ivar’s Salmon House where an engagement party awaited them, and they celebrated this special milestone in their lives.

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A Birthday Ladies’ Night Out

19 May 2013 – 7:45 p.m.
Wind: N 2-6 knots
Weather: 60 degrees, Clear w/some clouds

Tonight was a fun birthday celebration with six ladies. Once they had all come aboard, we sailed around, sharing stories and enjoying the sunset. Most of them had never sailed, and several of them took the tiller and drove during much of the voyage! It was a majestic sunset, and a great time was had by all.

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A Very Special Date Night

15 May 2013- 7:30 pm
Wind: SSW 2-5 knots
Weather: 68 degrees, Light Rain/Mist

It was a quiet spring evening on the lake tonight, and even though there was a light rain, it was barely enough to wet the ground, and certainly not enough to dampen tonight’s special date night! We picked the couple up dockside at McCormick & Schmick’s, and sailed the length of the lake. The wind was on the beam, so it was easy to sail all the way to Gasworks park and back with only two tacks. The couple really enjoyed the sail, as they were cuddling and laughing on the front of the boat the whole time. As we reached Gasworks and turned around to face downtown, that’s when the gentleman took to one knee and asked his lady to marry him. It was a lovely occasion, and I feel honored to have witnessed this magical moment, and to have been the first to congratulate them!

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Back to other adventures

A Morning Lesson

11 May 2013- 10:00 am
Wind: NSEW! 1-5 knots
Weather: 68 degrees, Partly Cloudy

This morning’s winds were all over the place, but it was a great intro lesson, even with that added complexity! It was a great crew of four people, and all did great trimming sails and driving the boat.

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A Prom Date

11 May 2013- 3:45 pm
Wind: S 2-7 knots
Weather: 74 degrees, Light Clouds and Sunny

A fun charter, this afternoon’s outing was part of a prom date! We enjoyed a great sail, and both took a turn working the boat prior to being dropped off for a dinner at Serafina’s. We also saw a small sailboat capsize– fortunately it was good weather, and assistance was quickly at hand.

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A Sunny Lesson

6 May 2013- 3:00 pm
Wind: N 7-12 knots
Weather: 79 degrees, Clear and Sunny

We had another great lesson this afternoon, and this couple picked it up really quickly. They had a great feel for the boat, too! We did several laps around Lake Union, did a lot of tacking and gybing, and event had time to practice stopping.

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A Teamwork Sailing Lesson

5 May 2013- 4:00 pm
Wind: N 12-20 knots
Weather: 80 degrees, Sunny and Awesome

We had a spectacular lesson this afternoon, with a couple demonstrating great teamwork covering points of sail, and stopping at a mark/buoy. We also covered steering with the sails.

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A Family Afternoon on the Lake

5 May 2013- 2:00 pm
Wind: N 10-18 knots
Weather: 77 degrees, Sunny

We had another great sail this afternoon, with a great family. The youngest drove while everyone else sat back and enjoyed the ride! The father may not have been the oldest gentleman we’ve had on the boat, but he may have been the happiest! With perfect winds on the lake, the boat was really powered up.

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