A Beautiful Weather Sailing Lesson

16 June 2013- 12:00 pm
Wind: S 2-4 knots
Weather: 68 degrees, Sunny with Scattered Clouds

Another fine lesson this afternoon. All this great weather certainly proves that Seattle summers are the best around, despite our city’s rainy reputation! And you may notice on the map below that we apparently sailed right out of the lake, up the hill, and into the Queen Anne neighborhood, which is either an advanced sailing technique, or a GPS error– I’ll let you be the judge!

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An Intro Sailing Lesson

15 June 2013- 11:00 am
Wind: 4-10 knots
Weather: 70 degrees, Sunny

There was great wind this morning for an introductory lesson. We covered the north end of the lake pretty well!

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Half-Day Adventure to Lake Washington

14 June 2013- 10:30 am
Wind: 6-14 knots
Weather: 59 degrees, Overcast

We had a wonderful half-day adventure today with a great group from the Midwest. When we started this morning, it was a little chilly and the skies were overcast, but there was great wind and plenty of time, so we headed through the channel to Lake Washington. After opening the drawbridges and causing some slight traffic delays for the cars (sorry about that!), we headed into the big lake. We sailed back around the barges near Highway 520, and saw the Friday traffic get backed up for the 520 bridge. It wasn’t us this time! Everyone took a turn driving, and all proved to be good sailors. As they say, it was an incredible experience, and tons of good times! Welcome to Seattle, and we hope to sail again with you soon!


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A Special Date Night

12 June 2013- 8:30 pm
Wind: S 8-13 knots
Weather: 68 degrees, Mostly Cloudy, with Patches of Blue Sky

On tonight’s special date night charter, both clients were new to sailing, although the lady had sailed a little bit before. As the voyage began, we started with the main sail while the couple took turns driving. Later, to get the boat’s speed up, we added the jib and really started to cruise around the lake! It was a lot of fun. Then we settled the boat down and the couple went up front to enjoy the view. That’s when he asked her the big question. She said yes! What a way to start off an engagement. The wonderful winds made for great sailing, and it was all and all a great evening.


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A Morning Lesson

9 June 2013- 9:00 am
Wind: N & NE 2-4 knots
Weather:67 degrees, Overcast

This morning’s lesson took us all around the northern end of the lake.

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A Windy Lesson

9 June 2013 – 5:30 pm
Wind: N 10-18 knots
Weather:71 degrees, Sunny, with Some Clouds

We had great winds for this afternoon’s private lesson, and the new sailor was a quick study who learned to trim and drive with ease. As you can see from the map, we covered nearly every corner of Lake Union!

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A Birthday Evening Sail

9 June 2013 – 8:00 pm
Wind: N 4-9 knots
Weather:68 degrees, Clear, with Some Clouds

There was a nice steady breeze for this evening’s excursion, and it was enough to get the boat really moving across the lake for a birthday celebration. What better way to mark the occasion than spending the evening with friends and sailing into the sunset?


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An Anniversary Sail

8 June 2013- 5:00 pm
Wind: N 5-10 knots
Weather:72 degrees, Sunny

After a slightly cloudy afternoon, the sun broke out in full force for this evening’s day sail. Tonight’s guests were celebrating their wedding anniversary. It was a great way for them to get out and enjoy the city, and hopefully on their next sailing outing, the kids can come along too!


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A “Sail-a-riffic” Afternoon

8 June 2013- 3:30 pm
Wind: N 4-8 knots
Weather:70 degrees, Partly Cloudy

It was a great day on the water, and several people took turns at the helm and really got the boat moving in the afternoon winds. To quote one of the clients, “It was sail-a-riffic!”

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A Fun Afternoon Lesson

8 June 2013 – 1:00 p.m.
Wind: N 2-5 knots
Weather:70 degrees, Mostly cloudy

We had a fun lesson this afternoon with light and variable winds. The students did well very well tacking and trimming sails.

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