Another Day Sail

A nice day to be on the water with a great group of guys. A couple of them took turns on the helm and did quite well. It is fun having sailors on the boat; they jumped in, starting pulling lines, and did great trimming the sails. A relaxing light wind day with little traffic on the lake.

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Half-Day Adventure to Lake Washington

11 Aug 2013- 5:30 pm
wind: N 3-10 knots
Weather:75 degrees, 50% cloud cover

A nice sunny day with the winds that started out light but toward the end built to about 10 knots. It was great we were able to sail almost all the way back to the Montlake bridge. A lovely way to spend the evening with a lovely couple. We are glad we could help them celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary.

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Sunny Lesson

9 Aug 2013- 5:00 pm
wind: N 2-4 knots
Weather: 81 degrees, Clear and Sunny

A beautiful day on the water. Winds were light but still plenty to play. The new sailors did great tacking and even did a gybe or two. They all picked it up pretty well.

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Sunset Sail

8 Aug 2013- 8:00 pm
wind: N 4-6 knots
Weather:80 degrees, Clear and Sunny

Another great day for a sail. Light winds but we were able to sail around the whole lake and enjoy another beautiful sunset with a lovely couple.

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A Perfect Date Night Sail

22 June 2013- 8:30 pm
Wind: N 1-3 knots
Weather: 70 degrees, Overcast

A perfect night for a date night sail, I picked the couple up at Terry Pettus park after a nice dinner at Serafina. She was very surprised about going sailing! They were great to have on the boat, and he even steered for a bit. We sailed all around the lake, enjoying the city lights, and I was honored to help them celebrate their first anniversary.

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A Team-Building Charter

21 June 2013- 1:00 pm
Wind: S, SE, & SW 2-5 knots
Weather: 65 degrees, Overcast, w/ Wisp of Sun

Sailing has always been required teamwork and communication, and this afternoon’s team-building charter was an excellent example of both! The team did a great job sailing the boat and also did really well working together. I’d say they went back ashore with some more tools to help their crew work better and even more effectively back in the workplace! All in all, it was a great day on the water with a great group of people.

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A Sunset Sail and a Bit of Rain

20 June 2013- 8:30 pm
Wind: NE 1-4 knots
Weather: 56 degrees, Rain

This evening’s sunset sail might have be a little rainy, but we didn’t let that slow us down! We broke out the waterproof blankets that we keep on board for just such an occasion, and set sails. It was a great sail ’round the lake, and as they said, “an awesome tour that they would do every day!”

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A Great Sail With a Side of Rain

20 June 2013- 6:00 pm
Wind: NE 1-5 knots
Weather: 58 degrees, Rainy

This couple had a great time despite the rainy conditions, and they really picked up the ins and outs of sailing quickly. We look forward to having them back on the boat soon! As they said of the outing, “Great sail with a side of rain!”

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