Valentine’s Day Charter

We had a lovely Valentine’s Day Charter tonight.  The couple really enjoyed themselves. The skies were clear, there was wind on the water, and the stars were out. There were lanterns being released from Gas Works Park. It was truly gorgeous.


Family Holiday Light Sail

A beautiful evening sail, with a fun family.  The ages ranged from 18 months to teenager.  They unsure of the boat to start, but we suited them up in boat jackets (PFD’s) and headed out.  It was a bit too windy for us to sail at night, but we enjoyed motoring around the lake seeing all the floating homes with lights and quite a few boats on the water lit up with lights. By the end of the sail, all the kids wanted to keep going.  Most of the kids took a turn driving the boat, and did quite well.  We also might have a some future tall ships crew.  They enjoyed the ride.
Morning sunshine Morning sunshine Morning sunshine

Sunny winter birthday sail

A fun day on the water started off with just the main sail, and then after about 20 minutes, we put up the head sail and enjoyed cruising around the lake. It was great wind, although a little gusty. We saw several seaplanes but weren’t fast enough to get a good picture of them this time. Most of the guests took a turn driving, and they all did a great job–especially the birthday girl.

Birthday Sail Birthday Sail

The track had a couple errors in it but is mostly right.

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