Half-Day Adventure to Lake Washington

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14 June 2013- 10:30 am
Wind: 6-14 knots
Weather: 59 degrees, Overcast

We had a wonderful half-day adventure today with a great group from the Midwest. When we started this morning, it was a little chilly and the skies were overcast, but there was great wind and plenty of time, so we headed through the channel to Lake Washington. After opening the drawbridges and causing some slight traffic delays for the cars (sorry about that!), we headed into the big lake. We sailed back around the barges near Highway 520, and saw the Friday traffic get backed up for the 520 bridge. It wasn’t us this time! Everyone took a turn driving, and all proved to be good sailors. As they say, it was an incredible experience, and tons of good times! Welcome to Seattle, and we hope to sail again with you soon!


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