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Date night sail & engagement

Although the weather was a bit windy, this happy couple got engaged! Clinton proposed to his girlfriend on Lavengro with the Seattle skyline lights falling behind them – a great opportunity to say yes! Congratulations you two!

Sunny winter birthday sail

A fun day on the water started off with just the main sail, and then after about 20 minutes, we put up the head sail and enjoyed cruising around the lake. It was great wind, although a little gusty. We saw several seaplanes but weren’t fast enough to get a good picture of them this… Read more »

A Birthday Evening Sail

9 June 2013 – 8:00 pm Wind: N 4-9 knots Weather:68 degrees, Clear, with Some Clouds There was a nice steady breeze for this evening’s excursion, and it was enough to get the boat really moving across the lake for a birthday celebration. What better way to mark the occasion than spending the evening with… Read more »

A Birthday Ladies’ Night Out

19 May 2013 – 7:45 p.m. Wind: N 2-6 knots Weather: 60 degrees, Clear w/some clouds Tonight was a fun birthday celebration with six ladies. Once they had all come aboard, we sailed around, sharing stories and enjoying the sunset. Most of them had never sailed, and several of them took the tiller and drove… Read more »

Never a Bad Night

04 Dec 2012 – 6:00 pm Wind: S 5 knots, gusting up to 25 knots Weather: 45 degrees, scattered showers With strong wind gusts and short periods of heavy rain, this friendly couple braved the elements to celebrate his birthday. After getting outfitted with rain jackets, warm blankets and mugs of hot tea, we had… Read more »

Happy 29th Birthday

26 Aug 2012 – 7:00 pm wind: S 6-10 knots, gust of 12+ Weather:71 degrees, Clear. A great couple and a wonderful evening sail. We started their evening by setting up dinner at Cuoco. Then they walked a couple blocks to south Lake Union where we picked them up to watch the sunset. It was… Read more »

Father’s Day Sail

A great way to celebrate father’s day. A father and daughter came out sailing and had a great time. He was on the helm most of the time and I was just pulling lines. View 06/17/2012 1:24 PM in a larger map

Happy 80th Birthday

What a perfect way to celebrate an 80th birthday. We have the caterer on the boat an she did great. She cooked up a feast, everything from breakfast to lamb for lunch. Plus there was oysters on a half shell. We went out to Lake Washington & sailed all the way across the lake. Oh… Read more »