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A Romantic Date Night

A wonderful spring evening and a chance to watch the sailboat races on Lake Union first hand.  Light winds made for a lovely sail watching all the races sail into the sunset.

Boulder Visits Seattle

A lovely couple, visiting from the Boulder area, acknowledges that Seattleites are fibbing about how much it rains! It’s safe to say they enjoyed their sail with clear and sunny skies. During their sail, Captain Larry told his tales of the sea and leaving everything behind to make them happen.

A Perfect Date Night Sail

22 June 2013- 8:30 pm Wind: N 1-3 knots Weather: 70 degrees, Overcast A perfect night for a date night sail, I picked the couple up at Terry Pettus park after a nice dinner at Serafina. She was very surprised about going sailing! They were great to have on the boat, and he even steered… Read more »

A Special Date Night

12 June 2013- 8:30 pm Wind: S 8-13 knots Weather: 68 degrees, Mostly Cloudy, with Patches of Blue Sky On tonight’s special date night charter, both clients were new to sailing, although the lady had sailed a little bit before. As the voyage began, we started with the main sail while the couple took turns… Read more »

An Anniversary Sail

8 June 2013- 5:00 pm Wind: N 5-10 knots Weather:72 degrees, Sunny After a slightly cloudy afternoon, the sun broke out in full force for this evening’s day sail. Tonight’s guests were celebrating their wedding anniversary. It was a great way for them to get out and enjoy the city, and hopefully on their next… Read more »

A Proposal to Remember

19 May 2013 Wind: N 2.5 knots Weather: 63 degrees, Sunny with some clouds After months of planning, the day finally came! The couple walked down the dock, and the gentleman was able to surprise his lady with a date night sailboat ride! This was the first of several surprises through the evening, but not… Read more »

A Very Special Date Night

15 May 2013- 7:30 pm Wind: SSW 2-5 knots Weather: 68 degrees, Light Rain/Mist It was a quiet spring evening on the lake tonight, and even though there was a light rain, it was barely enough to wet the ground, and certainly not enough to dampen tonight’s special date night! We picked the couple up… Read more »

A Prom Date

11 May 2013- 3:45 pm Wind: S 2-7 knots Weather: 74 degrees, Light Clouds and Sunny A fun charter, this afternoon’s outing was part of a prom date! We enjoyed a great sail, and both took a turn working the boat prior to being dropped off for a dinner at Serafina’s. We also saw a… Read more »

A Birthday Date Night Sail

22 April 2013- 7:15 pm Wind: N 8-10 knots Weather: 57 degrees, Sunny & Clear It was a fun evening, as the winds started out strong, but slowly died down as the sun set. We had a magical view of the almost-full moon, and it was a great way to celebrate a birthday with a… Read more »

A Relaxing Date Night Sail

14 April 2013- 7:30 pm Wind: NW to W, 4-6 knots Weather: 50 degrees, Sunny, with Scattered Clouds We had a wonderful date night sail this evening. The winds were light, making for a relaxing, low key sail around the lake. The couple had a great dinner at Cuoco before walking down to the dock,… Read more »