A Family Adventure

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18 Nov 2012 – 2:00 pm
wind: SSE 3-5 knots
Weather:51 degrees, Mostly Cloudy misting rain.

We love having kids on the boat! And today was a great day for it. We sailed around Lake Union, saw a seaplane take off and land, played with the buoys (reached out and touched a couple), and the kids even steered a little. But no adventure is complete without a little excitement…about halfway though the sail, the youngest child almost swallowed his candy whole. This caused quite a scene, but we were able to quickly resolve the situation. During this frenzy, we heard a splash…oh no! Neptune claims another victim…their small digital camera went for a swim, or a sink, more appropriately. Now there is another electronic device at the bottom of the lake. Despite all the excitement and the loss of a camera, this family had a great time, and are anxious to come back and do it again. Although, we all hope to have a little less excitement next time!

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