Boating Skills and Workshops

There are many skills involved in becoming a proficient and confident boater or sailor. Over our years of sailing and working with boaters, we have learned and developed many tips, tricks, and skills that make owning and enjoying boats a lot easier and safer.

Each class is about 1.5-2 hrs long and covers a different topic.  Check the schedule and choose the class(es) that interest you most.

Upcoming Workshops

Other Workshops – Stay Tuned for Details!

  • Getting Your Bearings: Intro to Navigation & Charts
  • Splicing: Hollow Braid & Dyneema
  • Sail Cloth & Grommets: How to Repair & Make
  • Whippings & Seizings: Elementary to the Art of Splicing & Rigging
  • De-mystifying the VHF: Hailing for fun & Emergencies
  • Intro to Splicing: double braid
  • Would you like to see a specific workshop or have feedback on one you just took.  Tell us what you think or request a class

These workshops will be on our custom boat the Glass Slipper: which is located at 1200 Westlake Ave N, past the patio of McCorrmick’s.


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