Available Services

Lake Union Charters & Adventures offers more than just sailing charters; we are your one-stop shop for everything boat related, whether it is boat maintenance classes, boat delivery services, or connecting captains with customers looking to take a sail.

All our captains are certified, experienced, and capable of handling anything that may happen out on the water.

Boat Delivery Services

If you need a boat moved from point A to B, want to hire a captain to assist you in moving your boat, or cruise the Puget Sound/Salish Sea and beyond, we have the resources available to make that happen.


Shorter deliveries (1-3 days) will run $250/day plus, transportation to/from the boat. If the trip lasts longer than 10-12 hours, is overnight, or is on a boat larger than 45 feet (or any combination therein), the crew will be compensated at a rate of $100/day.

Longer trips may run $300/day plus crew, food, fuel and transportation (negotiable depending on size of vessel and length of trip). Some trips may be negotiable at $600/day, which includes the expenses of crew, food, fuel and transportation.

To request a boat delivery, please fill out our request form.