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The Perfect Date

    Romantic sunset behind Gasworks Park
    Some Flowers & treats just for your romantic night
    A couple enjoying a some time together
    Date Night

    Imagine a night of fine food and sailing in the heart of Seattle.  So many fantastic local eateries are located along our beautiful waterways, and we partner with the best (see below).  We’ll coordinate your dinner reservation and pick you up on the dock by the restaurant after you’ve dined.  Our talented and hospitable captains will welcome you onto the boat and whisk you away on their magical chariot, complete with fresh flowers and locally-produced chocolates

    Once onboard, you can keep it mellow, sitting back to relax under a warm blanket, or step it up a little, requesting a faster sail and enjoying the thrill of riding on the wind!  Our captains will show you around Lake Union, pointing out many of the local landmarks, and helping you to understand the history of the Emerald City.  You’ll see Gasworks Park, the floating home community, and perhaps even the “Sleepless in Seattle” house!  If you start earlier, you might be lucky enough to catch one of Seattle’s beautiful sunsets. But if later is your only option, fear not, nightfall unlocks the beautiful nightscape of the Seattle skyline as your boat skims silently over the water. After your sail, we’ll return you back to the dock where we met you. 

    Starts at $120/couple: 1.5+ hours
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    (Basic package does not include cost of dinner.)


    Below are is a sampling of a few restaurants you can choose from.

    Pasta Fresca Menu Price:      Cuisine: Seafood & Pasta
    Cuoco Menu Price:     $14 - $25 Cuisine: Northern Italian

    RePublic Menu Price:     $12 - $21 Cuisine:
    Salmon House Menu Price:     $15 - $35 Cuisine: Seafood

    Check out more restaurants below:

    View Lake Union Charters Restaurants in a full screen map

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